Christians and acceptance of Homosexuality

Don’t Be Offended by the Gay Pride Symbol…Be Reminded!

This morning I saw an article from CNN written about Gilbert Baker, the man famed for designing and creating the gay pride symbol –  the Rainbow Flag.  It was titled, “Rainbow flag maker inspired by the Bible, U.S. flag”.  In the article, it expressed Mr. Baker’s happiness on the latest Supreme Court decision on gay rights, his struggle he had while he fought for gay rights in the 70’s when he made the flag, and how making the flag was the most important thing he’d ever done.  It also discussed that the flag was inspired by the Bible and how no one should be able to argue against it because it was inspired from the Bible. His words exactly were:

“How do you argue with that? People want to argue about it, but I say: ‘The rainbow’s in the Bible. It’s a covenant between God and all living creatures.’” – Gilbert Baker, creator of Gay Pride Flag


This statement was alarming to me to me at first. I now had evidence that the maker of the gay pride flag used the rainbow knowing it was in the Bible.  It fit my mainstream view that they were blaspheming God’s promise. I mean,  yes, the rainbow represents God’s covenant with man.  Yes it’s in the Bible. Now I realized that many don’t know what that covenant with God was, or maybe I didn’t completely.  Like with everything, I had to go back to scripture. So let’s first go to scripture as Mr. Baker points out to us. Let’s see exactly what that scripture says.  It’s found in the book of Genesis, Chapter 9.


Then God spoke to Noah and to his sons with him, saying: “And as for Me, behold, I establish My covenant with you and with your descendants after you, and with every living creature that is with you: the birds, the cattle, and every beast of the earth with you, of all that go out of the ark, every beast of the earth. Thus I establish My covenant with you: Never again shall all flesh be cut off by the waters of the flood; never again shall there be a flood to destroy the earth.” And God said: “This is the sign of the covenant which I make between Me and you, and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations: I set My rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be for the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth. It shall be, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the rainbow shall be seen in the cloud; and I will remember My covenant which is between Me and you and every living creature of all flesh; the waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh. The rainbow shall be in the cloud, and I will look on it to remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth.” And God said to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant which I have established between Me and all flesh that is on the earth.” (Genesis 9:8-17 NKJV)


So this is what Mr. Baker is referring to? This is the covenant that he is referencing?  The covenant that God made with us and every living creature is that when He judges the earth, He will not flood it again. The rainbow is actually the reminder of this covenant.  Therefore when we see a rainbow it should remind us that God will judge the earth again and it will not be destroyed by flood.


Wow….When that realization hit me, I started looking at the gay pride rainbow flag in a completely different way.  Like I briefly mentioned earlier, before when I saw the flag, I used to feel a little disgust that they were using the flag to blaspheme God.  It use to offend me.  But when really looking at it based on what God says about it, I realized that it was the complete other way around. It is God actually using them.  Let me explain:


This world is moving in a very dark direction.  That direction being very much in contradiction with the things that many have known God to stand for.  In the Bible, it was actually prophesied that the last days would look very similar to the way the world is now.  Many people do believe we are living in the last days.  If they are correct and God is approaching near with judgment, it makes sense that we would be continually reminded about that covenant of judgement He made with us after the flood.  Which would also mean that every time I see a gay pride flag, I should remember that God is going to judge this earth.


As the days keep getting darker, it’s not ironic that the sign of His covenant would increase in number and visibility.  The reminder that He will judge this earth continuously getting stronger and louder.  Though the LGBT community wants to use the symbol to stand for something else, you can not change the true meaning of a symbol.  This goes hand in hand with people who display  satanic hand symbols & gestures believing they can change the underlying meaning.  You can’t do it! It does not work that way.  The symbol always keeps it underlying meaning even if it is not understood by the one displaying the symbol.


So while they may believe that they are referring to gay pride, a believer in the Bible should realize they are actually reminding us of God’s judgement.  Reminding us that our Lord & Savior is coming back for His church.  A reminder that the times are going to get a lot darker and more evil.  A reminder that God’s prophesies and Word is all true.  A reminder that we need to be ready for the Lord.


So when you see a gay pride flag and become offended, please review your feeling and remember God’s Word.  Remember His promise to us. Be ready for Him and make sure your family and friends are too.  If you are a believer in salvation only though Jesus Christ, then rejoice for the return of  our Savior is near.  If you are not a believer, please take the time to understand why you need Jesus and repent from your sins. Give your life to Jesus Christ.


God does not lie! He has told us the truth! Will you listen?   Pass this on to anyone that will read it and remind every one of God’s promise! God Bless you all!

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    • I don’t know how you will take this comment but I do hope you will consider it. Many other people died on a cross/stake besides Yahshua. The cross/stake is not the symbol of salavation but the lamb who died upon it. The cross/stake is a symbol of only one thing that is that who ever died upon it was considered the worst crimanall offenders at that time. The cross carries only shame but the only who died upon it carries our hopes our faith is built upon him. The cross itself is inconsequential for if there were any other death that was more excruciating and embarrassing it would have been done to the messiah instead. To many people have made the cross and idol when the son of Elohim was what men should have realized was lifeed up upon it. I do hope we realize this.

    • Hello there. I’d like to have an argument.

      I do not support this constant dehumanizing of gay people. I would first like to say that people are not born gay, but that does not mean they are born “straight” either. Homosexuality occurs in nature (specifically Kingdom Animalia, of which we are a part of). We may not be animals, but we share many biological similarities to them. The point I’m trying to make is that homosexuality has and will occur occasionally in the natural world. Therefore, homosexuality is not against the “natural order”. That is point one.

      Please don’t judge me for this. I respect your opinions. However, I will not sit idly and watch people brutally attack other people for simply having a different sexual preference. I digress.

      You say God/Elohim didn’t make gay people? Then why are they here? All human beings are beautiful and we should learn to love and respect them. God does not make trash. You must understand that?

      Don’t you know that +70 years ago it was “wrong” to be black? Don’t you see that when you start to attack a person based on only one characteristic you have become more cruel than them? And don’t you know that there are gay people who are Christians? Has your heart turned to stone?

      Can you not try and learn about these people before you judge them? Isn’t that what Christians should sometimes do? If you love humanity enough, can you at least try to learn about gay people (as they are humans as well?)

      Gay people (or rather “homosexuality”) has existed since the time humans first developed “sexuality”. I have met gay people, and a few of them are my close friends. I love them and would never put them through any kind of ill treatment simply because they were attracted to the same gender! But I digress.

      Look, there is also the topic of clothing. Why is it so wrong when a man wears a dress? Weren’t Adam and Eve both naked either way? Clothes don’t matter! They are a form of expressing ourselves. Indians and Sri Lankans wear sarongs and saris. Arabians wear kaftans and kufii. Why is it an “abomination” when a man wears a dress pr a woman wears a suit? Think about it! Is it really that wrong?

      A child is not born to hate. You must realize that these feelings of disgust that you hold against gay people are not natural. They were hammered into you either by your family, peers or society. Children don’t hate gay people simply because they are unbiased about this. But children, after persuasion from adults, start to develop misunderstandings towards these kinds of people. And misunderstanding turns to fear. And fear turns to hate.

      I know I’m spinning here. My mind runs down many roads. I’m sorry about that.

      But, look. I’m just saying: being “gay” is not a sin. When Leviticus talks about a “man shall not lie with another man”, you have to realize that this verse is a mitranslation of the Greek term used for “boy” or “youngster”. The proper phrase is “man shall not lie with a child” or “man shall not lie with his child”. The verse is talking about pedophilia, which is not the same as being gay. You have to see the difference. This is point two.

      Next, homosexual criminals. Yes, there are plenty of homosexual folk in prison. But there are also many “straight” folk in prison too. People are fallible. Being gay doesn’t mean you will turn into a criminal. It depends on how society treats the individual person. If you ave been abused all your life, you will grow up to be an abuser. That is fact.

      Scientists do not know what determines an individual’s sexual orientation, but they theorize that it is caused by a complex interplay of genetic, hormonal, and environmental influences, and do not view it as a choice. So unless you are better and wiser than most leading scientists in biological and chemical genetic research, I suggest you take the “gay people are criminals” ranting and please ignore it. Shouting mindlessly at a rock will not get it to move. Research this topic before you bring out the pitchforks.

      I wish we could sit down and talk about this without yelling at each other about how we will burn in hell. It makes me sick to see so-called “Christians” telling gay people about God’s punishments for them whilst also talking about his “love” for them. Hate is taught, we aren’t born with it.

      It’s not about being gay or straight, being white or black or brown. It’s all about being human to each other and respecting other people’s values and norms. Be kinder than necessary to others because everyone has his weight to carry.

      I’m a Christian, believe it or not. I believe in God’s words and his infinite wisdom. His words are inspiring and wonderful. But homosexuality is something I think about a lot. I think they are ok, more than ok. I think they are amazing. God says come as you are, so come as you are that is who you are. Stereotypes are something that has taken over our world today. it needs to stop.

      I will end with this. I have met more virtuous, kind-hearted, loving and accepting gay people than “normal” Christians. I have also found plenty of hypocrites who will argue with me about this topic. I pray for them. If you have something to say, say it. I’m listening. Don’t be cruel or hostile, don’t make me lose my respect for you. Talk to me. Be decent. Be human.

      God bless you. Remember that I love all of you. KD.

      • Hello KD,

        I do not want to have an argument, I did not read everything you wrote I just read the first paragraph. However, I just wanted to point something out I believe a lot of people miss when it comes to the commandments. Elohim, is not out to ruin everyone’s fun, sin, is a sin because it threatens the first commandment of “be fruitful and multiply. Glutany is a sin because it is harmful to human life, we were meant to live and multiply. Homosexuality is a sin, because intercourse is not about pleasure, it is about procreation. Intercourse, is about breeding not sexual gratification, people of the same sex cannot procreate. It’s about resisting temptation, I may really want to eat a whole cake, and the first time may not do much harm, but if I continue to over indulge eventually it will lead to my death. In the garden, the devil promised they would not die, but be as Gods and live forever after eating the fruit. It was a lie, not only did they die, but they were cast out of Heaven’s garden where they were living as Gods without death. Evil, brings about death, if everyone lived for sin we would cease to exist. It’s not about putting anyone down, it’s about the truth and the truth is male and female is a necessity for human life.

        • I suggest you listen to the argument I’m trying to make in full detail. Of course gay people can’t procreate, but plenty of them will adopt children. And you can’t tell me that you would rather see more orphans in the street than with caring families regardless of the family.

          I respect your opinion. I understand that male and female is necessary for life. But using that as an excuse to throw all the blame on gay people is simply ridiculous and illogical. I want you to remember that many LGBT people have contributed to the world in positive ways; Da Vinci (despite his flaws) was a homosexual man who contributed to art, science and freedom of expression. Michelangelo was a bisexual man who contributed to the advancement of science, art and architecture. A number of Michelangelo’s works of painting, sculpture and architecture rank among the most famous in existence. Maybe you already knew Alexander the Great was gay, but did you know Abraham Lincoln wrote poetry and private letters about homosexual relationships?

          I wish you would read my previous message before you have a discussion. It will help the both of us to have a logical discussion. I will listen to you, and you will listen to me. Let’s be decent and discuss this. I’m not trying to be hostile, I just want to talk to someone who will listen.

          PS. Intercourse is not just about procreation. God/Elohim made intercourse for pleasure. If intercourse didn’t please us, we would be doing it less and the population wouldn’t grow so quickly. This is a rebuttal of your previous argument.

          Also, there is a big difference between the gay people you talk about and the gay people have met in real life. You cling onto a stereotype that all gay people are swine and vermin that are greedy and piggish. And I will tell you that I have seen some incredibly glutinous preachers who will call themselves better than gay people. I suggest that you do some more research before you have the discussion.

          Here’s one facts I think you should know: Karl Heinrich Ulrichs was a civil servant in Germany until he was forced to resign in 1854 on account of his homosexuality. He became an activist and published 12 volumes of work about sexuality, including what’s believed to be the first theory about homosexuality. He argued that it is an, ‘inborn condition’ not a learned corruption, as was the prevailing wisdom at the time. Urlichs was a wise man and a brilliant mind. And I think he would fit into this debate easily.

          Well, that’s all I have to say. God bless you, have a good day.

          • Whoa, I was stating why I believe sin is sin, I said nothing about swine or anything derogatory about the LGBTQ community. My nephew is homosexual, while I do not agree with homosexuality, I love him still and everyone no matter what life style they choose. I do not pay for anyone’s sin’s except my own, and believe me I am not perfect. All I am saying is everyone has urges, and I believe the bible is about restraint. There have been plenty of people who are homosexual who have contributed to the world and I am quite sure there will be plenty more. I do not believe truthunedited was implying that homosexuals are horrible people who contribute nothing to society and neither was I. There is no one in this world who can understand what is in the individual heart except Elohim. He loves all of us, he hates our actions at times, but I fully believe He loves us all (hence so many chances to get it right). While I agree intercourse is meant to be enjoyable, again we come to the issue of over indulgence. If you are have intercourse purely for self gratification it is abusing something meant to be meaningful and with purpose. It is not easy to talk about or even hear about sin in the bible because we are all guilty. I think the important thing is to keep a close relationship with Elohim and scripture even though it is hard to read at times because change is hard. I will go back and read your original comment completely and re-respond. I am more than willing to have a civil conversation with you on this subject. I am not an expert on the bible and I do not participate in churchanity, but I talk with Elohim often and I fully believe in scripture. God bless you as well and I look forward to conversing with you.

          • Note: this is in response to your recent message.

            I appreciate your honesty and I’m thankful that there are people like you who are willing to have discussions about this. You are a true blessing to this world we live in. I am grateful for this conversation, and am thankful I found this website where I can discuss with different people.

            May God bless you, friend. Have long years and pleasant times. Enjoy life, it’s not permanent. And may God keep you in your ways. Have a great day.

        • Sorry But GOD has stated many times in the Bible that the act was detestable and disgusting to him.Everyone has freewill to choose,GOD has given us many possibilities and allowed us to choose to obey him or obey the world.Hence why “gays” can exist.But remember,it does not matter if your “gay”is a saint or the most lovable or intellectually creative,charismatic multicolored “gay” in all the world he or she will be held accountable for the transgression.Sexual immorality is among THE WORSE SINS against GOD next to murder…

          GOD bless and may GOD open your mind to truth

        • Intercourse is also about pleasure and love between a married couple (and we know that is between one man and one woman) but yes not self gratification. Read Song of Songs in the Bible. Animals do not have orgasms (pleasure) but we do and this is through Gods design.

      • I did read all of it including the replies that followed. As said before, it’s about abstaining. People can feel attracted for both genders, but it’s about abstaining. Sex is enjoyable as it’s a way to procreate. Eating the same as it’s a way of us staying alive. Like said before, gluttony, lust are sins. Same with envy, wrath, sloth, greed and pride. They lead us to immorailities and not being able to live in harmony with each other. You mentioned being black was also “wrong” but where is that in the bible? It was the mind of men.
        Being Chrsitian isn’t about getting along with everyone in the WORLD. For it is run by Satan. Jesus said greatness wasn’t about social status, positions etc… But rather do the will of the father. When you are indulgent or using things for your own pleasure. Who are you serving? Yourself or God?

        • I think a homsexual relationship can work out with 1 condition: as long as no perversion occurs, the relationship can continue. I’ve heard of certain homosexual folks adopting children, getting married etc. but abstaining from homosexual sex.I think that that form of relationship could work. Anyways, just my opinion. Have a good day, folks. I love y’all.

      • I have been around animals my entire life and have never seen to male or female animals mating.

        Homosexuality in the animal kingdom has been used by us human as an excuse to engage in it.

        But it is not true.

      • I don’t care to argue but read Genisis that answers why Elohim says he made man and woman then understand why you are not to be gay control is of you and you have to answer for all you do and I will have to answer for this as well in my past but have read his word and asked for forgiveness for my transgression I pray you or whom ever will do the same

      • A couple of verses for you to read and interpret however you see fit . Deuteronomy 22:5 and Romans 1:24-28. There are many more on this topic in the bible .

  1. Great insight..I have this image of a lot of flag waving going on and for those who “hear” God is using that flag waving to say Listenup ! Judgement is in the days of the way..and these flags are a clur as to how it will be done!
    I also did one on the meaning of the number of the colors in the gay flag 🙂

  2. The World was cleansed by Water in the Flood — God’s Judgment
    Why oh why, do so many not read the Bible and KNOW WHAT
    is the Next Judgment of God upon the Earth’s inhabitants?
    The Next Judgment upon the World is the “Tribulation”
    when The Lord will pour out his wrath ‘without measure’
    and destroy the very people LGBT – the liars,
    the murderers
    (including those that butcher the babes in the wombs
    and call it ‘Choice’)
    God has Choice as well.
    And His by His Son, Jesus Christ will be to enact the Choice of Judgment for the people when they are fully ripe in sin.
    He promised and prophesied Deaths by pestilence by famine and by the sword (wars, and mostly the wicked killing the wicked).
    The Final Judgment upon the wicked at the 2nd Coming of Christ
    And following His public and very obvious appearance in the clouds and destroying the amassed armies of the world against the State of Israel (the children of Abraham) — after His personal act of slaying those Evil men and their armies with the Sword of Jehovah and being bathed in the blood of the enemies of God and Israel —
    shall be the lifting up of the more righteous and then pouring forth His Glory the Glory of Christ upon the wicked and Burning them with His HOLY FIRE.
    That Judgment of cleansing by the Fire from Heaven was used in ancient times (recall Sodom & Gomorrah as one example)
    [Those people were killed for their gross wickedness –
    their acts of perversion (being Gay) !!
    Why is that forgotten???]
    Homosexuality is Sin, it is Evil, it is a perversion.
    And it is so much a gateway to truly abysmal crimes of hatred
    and brutality. Just study mass murderers and the prevalence
    of homosexuals involved in that insanity of murder and
    debauchery by mass murders. Being Gay is EVIL
    And it bears the fruit of its author who is Satan. FACT.

    Ignoring or railing against Truth does no good.
    Truth Abides regardless of its detractors, or its enemies no matter their number or their level of Rage! REMEMBER AND KNOW
    Jesus Christ cannot look upon Sin with the least degree of allowance. Why could He? He suffered the Judgment / punishment/ pain for each and every evil thought and act of men and women.
    How Evil Being Gay / Homosexual / Bisexual / Transsexual etc.IS—
    For He Suffered for THOSE SINS

    So Grow up and please, please, please stop allowing the wicked deeds of others the latitude of acceptability.
    It is Evil and supporting Evil makes one complicit with and subject TO a measure of the Punishment/ Judgment of that same Evil !!

    The 2nd Coming will enact yet another of many examples of Fire from Heaven (via Christ) to cleanse and burn to ash the most Evil remaining at that time. And that is yet again a foretelling or example or type and shadow of the Final Judgment upon the earth after the Millennium. When at the conclusion of a 1,000 years of Peace with Christ on the Earth as both The Lord of lords (head of The Kingdom of God on Earth – the True Church of God); and The King of kings. For Christ will assume the leadership of Government.
    Not as the tyrants and madmen with genocide in their hearts as Hillary and the Democrats in the blood-lust and butchery of babies and the desire to enslave mankind to sate their lust for power–
    BUT Christ will be the King of all the Earth that he both Created and for which He suffered The Atonement — that they might not suffer IF THEY WOULD REPENT.

    After the time of Great Peace and the Grand and Glorious Work for the Redemption of The Dead by the Saints of God under their Lord–
    the time will come that the children will open their hearts to the natural man and natural woman — the darkness — the mindset of evil — given to the Children of Adam & Eve from that very same Tree and Fruit by which the Blessings of The Light of Christ came to Man.
    The Darkness will once again be chosen by some of the Descendants of those wondrous blessed people living on earth– and Satan will no longer be bound and Evil will arise upon the Earth and flourish among those that seek and love Darkness rather than Light — Evil rather than Holiness. At the end of that great test and freedom of Agency of Choice — Christ will lead the Armies of the Holy against the EVIL and that war will end with the destruction of the Evil by FIRE
    And then the World will be Burned With FIRE to cleanse and Refine it into its final prophesied and glorious condition.
    JUDGEMENT did take place — first by Water and to be followed by the cleansing and the refining FIRE of GOD.
    Lest any forget — it is actually important to read the ENTIRE BIBLE and not just focus on one verse here and one verse there.
    There is a Tapestry of the Truths and Covenants of God the histories and the suffering of the path of Darkness; abominations and iniquity taken by so so many.
    We are foolish in the extreme to forget the Judgment of Fire.
    Our brothers and sisters that choose Evil whether it is the evil of using the powers of life for ugliness and perversion as the homosexual women and the sodomite men do– OR the ugliness of pride, selfishness or hatred of that which is Good the other sinners choose. The fact remains God lives and there are consequences for EVIL.
    They are Real and those consequences also involve JUDGMENTS.
    The Flood was to kill all those that would not join Enoch and be holy and be lifted off the earth. The only ones not killed after Enoch left were Noah his wife; his three sons; and their wives (8 people) All were good save for the boy that fell away into sin- had married a woman of the bloodline of Cain (a black woman) and rejected the Power of God (The Holy Priesthood) and was cursed and his descendants brought for the great travesty of the Egyptian Civilization.
    Recall the word Egypt means ‘forbidden’.
    THE BIBLE and the TRUTH have many many details that people too soon forget ignore or reject– in their quick choice for laziness and the Pablum of the false religions to soothe the weak and the wicked. CHRIST IS REAL and His truths are magnificent cleansing rewarding & transforming.
    BUT you must WANT to find them and submit your heart to His Way;
    His Path; His HOLY Commandments — in order to have His Blessings.
    “IF you love Me, Keep My Commandments”.
    There is a True Path
    SEEK IT — Then LIVE IT

    • I’m very confused by this post. Did you actually read this article or any article from this site? This article in no way condoned sin. So you must have commented without actually reading. If you did read, please explain what you don’t agree with or understand. Thanks for your comment

    • The State of Israel is an abomination… these people are not the children of Abraham…
      do more research on this new “State of Israel” and its antichrist religious system.. just by looking at the flag with the Hexagram of witchcraft and its religion “judaism” its an antichrist religion… they’re descendants of gog and Magog they are the ancient”khazars”

    • It’s obvious you don’t know Jesus. Jesus is love. Galatians 5 speaks of several reasons that will prohibit people from entering into Heaven. The color or ethnicity of a person is truly not one of them. There is evil and good in all races. Anything outside of Godly attributes is not of GOD. Since Cain and Abel were brothers your statement would mean Abel was black too. So what’s the point of name calling. Show yourself approved and in all your getting, get understanding.

  3. The abominations/Sodomites can take whatever passage they want, follow whatever they want. They are abominations, and will burn. period. what they are doing is against TMH

  4. Out of bounds! Error Error Error, they are using the rainbow flag in a blasphemous way. As I read more of your opinion in this article and other articles of yours, I fear you are not Whom you claim to be. God does not use sin to remind us of something, you need to retract and repent. Really? If your opinion goes against the Word of God or you twist the Word, you need to repent. Anyone stupid enough to listen to you on this will have to account for it. It should disgust you that the world is making a mockery of God’s Word. Please repent. Until then im not going to read anymore of your opinion with you using the Word of God to get the brethren or the unsaved believing error. I’m going to pray that the Lord God correct you and that many leave your media sites until you stop this deception. Lord may many see this comment before the site owner removes it. Shalom

  5. I just had to ask these questions, I’m so saddened by your article. Do you know the Word of God? If you do, don’t you remember how vexed Lot was by the people of Sodom? And why would God use man to remind us of His promise when for one, we can see the rainbow, God’s creation, after most rain storms, and we have His Word. Please repent because you took upon yourself, based upon the about you section, you took upon yourself this ministry and asked God afterwards, which means this may not be a calling from God but from your own heart, you also said it was your views and opinions. And we know what God says about our hearts. So, how can I know this, by your words, what you wrote is not what God’s Word says. The Holy Spirit would not tell you to okay a reminder from God using sin as the catalyst, what you are writing in many of your articles is not true. Your tag line is unedited truth, whose truth, yours or the Word? Praying for your repentance. Shalom.

    • Cherie C you have taken it upon yourself to go to everything you disagree with and comment. I do not see one message of which you agree with. So if you don’t agree then maybe my ministry is not for you. If I said it’s my opinion, I believe I have a right to it. If you have a better understanding, please either direct me to your articles and videos.

  6. Also, if everyone notices there are only six colors in the Pride Flag, but there are 7 visible colors in an actual rainbow. The devil can alway try to emulate God, but he will never succeed all his works are counterfeit.

  7. I see what you are saying about seeing the Pride flag as a reminder that Elohim will judge us again. I believe the LGBTQ community uses the rainbow as a direct blaspheme against Elohim. But, when I see the flag now I know they represent the flag as an offense against Elohim. Meanwhile, they are actually promoting their own destruction, showing the world they will be judged in the end of days.

  8. Mr James Charles,
    please do not let fools discourage your ministry. I also run into many who lack wisdom and understanding, and who tend to reject the truth because of that.

  9. Mr. Charles, I stumbled upon your YouTube channel a week before Halloween, to show my friends and family why we don’t celebrate it. I must say, I have now watched ALL your YouTube AND read ALL your articles! You, sir, are the REMNANT! Praise be to God when our brothers and sisters find each other! It gets lonely out in the world, when we aren’t OF it. I use your channel as a form of bonding time with my children. We watch your videos and then talk about it. The sexual one I have only watched with my 15 year old. I found it a good way to open dialogue on the subject of purity. Again, thank you and thank GOD for you!

  10. I absolutely love this piece! A “reminder”!! I’m always telling ppl that oppose President Trump for example, God will use whomever He needs to get His message through. This gay pride flag article is stellar! God Bless You and the continued Holy Spirit In yours and your family’s life. Amazing!!

  11. I have struggled with how to deal with homosexuality as the bible is clear on where it stands regarding it. I have relatives who have declared themselves gay, none that I am in regular connection with (not because they are gay, just due to the flow of life). But I have wondered how I am to be around them, knowing the path they have chosen, understanding the spiritual connection to it, but not wanting to cause a break in relationship or be judgmental or appear condescending, to stay respectful and loving.

    Then the Lord told me that to Him, homosexuality is no different to any other sin. Sin is sin to God. There is no levels of ‘worse’ sins, sin is sin. So this means that to Him, someone who lies, someone who hates, someone who kills, is the same as someone who has chosen homosexuality.

    I am no different to the person who chooses homosexuality, because I can sin, I do sin, I am of a fallen nature. This revelation released such a weight from me.

    The only difference between someone who is following Jesus and someone who is not, is the person following has learned their need to repent and change, and they know where their forgiveness comes from and Who provides it. If the Lord can bring me out of the sin I was in, then He can bring anyone out of any sin, no matter what that sin is. His arm is not short.

    All we need to remember to do is to turn to Jesus and ask for help. He will hear and He will respond. We need to be willing to see our weaknesses.

    So I agree with this angle of the rainbow flag. While it may not be intended from a gay view point to be a sign of coming judgment, there is no reason to not utilise this view point as a personal reminder to stay close to God, to lean on the wisdom and leading of the Holy Spirit, and to keep ourselves humble. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    Love everyone, regardless of the type of sin they are in. Know that we ALL sin, but Jesus’ blood can cover and cleanse our sin if we are willing to allow it to. We must be real. We cannot judge. We are all on the same level, the Kingdom of God is not a democracy. Jesus is King. And He is a wonderful King.

  12. I am so thankful to God almighty for this video….I Am from Nigeria in Africa and hearing all of this has really changed my life…..but I don’t know how to start to telling my people friends and family about it…..there’s a fire burning inside of me…please tell me what to do especially concerning Christmas celebration, you know I have been celebrating Christmas since I was born…..i mean people need to know about this, I I mean my people in Nigeria….and again this ministry from Jesus Christ and my spirit has bear witness to my heart that it is of God almighty. Please go on with the good works.

  13. If someone read multiple articles amd postings including the comments, its undeniable to not notice how many more people felt inspired to share their opinion of this post. Its clear the topic of homosexuality is of more interest to the majority than any other post ive opened so far. Isnt it peculiar to read peoples comments who become emotionally invested over statements by strangers that have absolutely zero substance or contributon in any meaningful way but some how enrages and threatens every belief or identity that person has. In 2 minutes i will leave this page or turn my phone off and the comments that i dont identify with will mean nothing to my life

  14. Actual scientific research from many reliable sources actualize the rainbow as having SEVEN, not six colors. Seven is the number that denotes spiritual perfection whereas six usually denotes fallen man. The man of sin spoken of by Christ’s apostle Paul in his epistle to the church at Thessalonica is referred to by the beloved disciple and apostle of Yahshua in his epistles and also in Revelation, whose number is 6-6-6, denoting a man of complete spiritual imperfection and fleshly deception. Taking a symbol of one of Abba YHWH’s covenants and altering it with a counterfeit is just so like ha satan a.k.a Lucifer. This is why Yahshua clarifies his three qualities in John 10:10, the first and foremost his being a THIEF. Respectfully submitted, DOULOS

  15. Hi Brother and all reading this blog. Yoy are very right about the reminder of judgment. Another brother made a vudeo on YouTube regarding this very topic. He showed how the gay flag has only 6 colors. But a true rainbow has 7. Both numbers are very biblical. 7 for comoletion and 6 the number of man/ of manifestation of sin. If you input the colors shown in the gay flag, they turn out to be the colors that make up SULFUR. In the days of Abraham Sodom and Gamorah were distroyed by fire and brimstone… sulfer

  16. Thank you brother @truthunedited.
    Please continue with your ministry as it is definitely bringing many people to the light and out of the darkness.
    People should note that when they decide to expose the lies of this world, they will be persecuted or attacked either physically,emotionally or spiritually.
    I Pray that Elohim protects you all who believe in his son,our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ


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