New Age Terminology

In order to understand the things of the New Age it's important to understand New Age Terminology.  This chart is taken from Walter Martin's "Kingdom of the Occult" and...

New Age & Occult Practices

In order to get a good grasp of what encompasses New Age Philosophy it's important to understand some of the practices involved, where they come from, and how they...

Beginners Guide to Conspiracies

If you are going to be awakened to the true world that you live in, there are many topics that you need to have a good understanding of. This is a list and brief explanation, based on my many years of research, of the most important subjects and topics to understand. This should in no way be the sum of anyone's information. Use this as a teaser to make you go out and get more information. Don't just read one source. Do proper research. Open your eyes to the world you live in. I hope this helps! This is Beginners Guide to Conspiracies.

1000% Proof We Are Accepting a One World Government

Today unknowingly we have accepted Global governance. This simply means that all the conspiracy theories that foretold about a One World Government is now not only a proven fact, but accepted by the majority. This article will give you 1000% proof quicker than any other evidence you may have heard before that we are now accepting a One World Government. It’s now not a world that consists of many different independent nations with their own rules and laws, but a world consisting of many different nations under one governing international body that supersedes all independent country’s laws. This governing body of course being the United Nations.
Joel Osteen False Teacher

Is Joel Osteen a False Teacher?

Is Joel Osteen a False Teacher? He has the largest protestant “Christian” church in the nation. His church has about 45,000 weekly in attendance. He’s a televangelist that reaches over 7 million viewers weekly & over 20 million monthly in over 100 countries. According to Nielsen Media Research, he is the most watched inspirational figure in America. He is the author of many journals, devotionals, and many #1 best-selling books. In 2006, Barbara Walters named him “10 Most Fascinating People of 2006” and also was selected by the readers of “Church Report Magazine” as the “Most Influential Christian”.
What is New Age Religion

New Age Religion: The Religion of the AntiChrist & the New World Order

The New Age movement will be the religion of the AntiChrist. This is the most simplest understanding to have on this subject. It is a religion that leads to worship of the AntiChrist, even though most today do not fully realize it. The roots of the New Age stem from Eastern religions and of course the occult.
The All Seeing Eye

The All Seeing Eye – Eye of Horus

This is a symbol that is seen consistently by all. Most people do not know what it means, so it is ignored. It's on the smallest denomination of the United States currency. It is the All Seeing Eye, the 3rd eye. It's also known as the Eye of Horus. It references that god sees and watches...

The Diablo Sign

This is the Diablo sign. It has a history in sign language of being "I Love You", but what it actually means is "I Love You Satan". It is a pure reference to lucifer. It has been used by countless satanists and rock stars. It is a sign that has been picked up over time to mean...
3 6 sign

The 666 Sign

This is the 3 6 sign or 666 sign. It is used consistently as the sign for "O.K.". It is actually used by satanist as a reference to 666. Looking closely you will see the formation of the "6". Then the 3 fingers up references "3" of that "6". 3 6's or 666. This is a ...
New Age Buzz Words

New Age Religion Buzz Words

Because it may be hard in the beginning to identify New Agers, this list of buzz words all pertain to New Age Religion. When coming across anyone or anything that promotes these terms, be highly discerning and prayerful.

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