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New Age

New Age Religion Buzz Words

Because it may be hard in the beginning to identify New Agers, this list of buzz words all pertain to New Age Religion. When coming across anyone or anything that promotes these terms, be highly discerning and prayerful.

Who Promotes New Age Religion

In the article that explained the New Age, it was explained that New Age thinking & philosophy comes wrapped up in a package of self-help, self-esteem, and self-reliance. This package often presented and sold by figures that many people of the general public aspire to be like or achieve the same successes. Through all of this a major idea, thought, and belief is generated in one’s life. Through our media, education system, entertainment and other influences other than the Holy Bible, these ideas, thoughts, and beliefs become a new doctrine of our lives. We never realized that we may have replaced some core traditional value that we should have held on to.
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