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The 2 Biggest Risks for Christians…Are They Yours?

The 2 biggest risk for Christians when the Lord comes back for His Bride is for them: Being lukewarm (Revelations 3:15) or Having the Lord say “I never knew you” (Matthew 7:21-23). This is a subject that many don't hear preached often from the pulpit, but it is something that all should be cognizant of because of the major risks & implications involved.

Are You Preparing for the Coming Collapse of the Global Economy?

Are You Preparing for the Coming Collapse of the Global Economy? If not...What points & data are you using that gives you such security in our economic system? Ask yourself these questions?

God’s Plan For Your Life or Your Plan?

Does Your Future Match What God Says or What You Say? Does your outlook of the future match with God’s Will? Does your view match what God has told us or does it match more with what the world generally hopes for? These things mainly being peace, prosperity, & success? It's a reasonable question to ask one’s self.

Don’t Be Offended by the Gay Pride Symbol…Be Reminded!

This morning I saw an article from CNN written about Gilbert Baker, the man famed for designing and creating the gay pride symbol - the Rainbow Flag. It was titled, “Rainbow flag maker inspired by the Bible, U.S. flag”. In the article, it expressed Mr. Baker’s happiness on the latest Supreme Court decision on gay rights, his struggle he had while he fought for gay rights in the 70’s when he made the flag, and how making the flag was the most important thing he’d ever done. It also discussed that the flag was inspired by the Bible and how no one should be able to argue against it because it was inspired from the Bible. His words exactly were:

Top 3 Reasons Why Christians Are Ignoring End Time Prophecies

Why aren’t more Christians talking about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ? In a period of time that has so much visible evidence, an overwhelming majority of Christians do not discuss it at all. Many do not even tie current world events and figures to anything biblically prophetic. They don’t put it in their overall world perspective and future that the world will be very different when Jesus comes back again.

Christians Need to Know The Pagan History of Christmas

We’ll start back to before Christians started celebrating Christmas. Yes this holiday was practiced long before Christianity began and the early church, it was only known by different names. It’s a pagan festival...

Should I Be Monitoring More of My Children’s Media?

The obvious answer to most parents would be of course, YES!! But the most apparent reason and understanding of why proves not to be as obvious. This current adolescent generation stemming from the new tools of technology, public education, and mass media, consisting of, but not limited to, television, radio, movies, advertisements, & social media, are completely plugged into ...

Should Christians be Tithing?

One of the main illustrations concerning many Christians living by the Law is the matter of tithing. This topic can be very controversial, especially to those that make their living by teaching it. It’s a topic that can put stumbling blocks...

The Doctrine of Hip Hop Culture

Many people state that they follow Hip Hop Culture. But do they completely understand the doctrine of the culture? The following is a brief summary of the doctrine of Hip Hop to clarify for those that may not understand completely

The Mystery Religion of Babylon: Part 1

The word “occult” simply means “hidden” or “secret knowledge”. The exact thing that The Lord has continuously commanded us to reject and stay away from. The things of the occult have traditionally been secret. Information passed down through secret societies...

Your Real Adversary: The Devil

This subject is very important. It’s the main purpose of our adversary, the devil. The devil wants the world to worship him as god, and no longer live by Judeo-Christian standards (The 10 Commandments & Grace), but by Luciferin doctrine ...
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