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Should Christians be Tithing?

One of the main illustrations concerning many Christians living by the Law is the matter of tithing. This topic can be very controversial, especially to those that make their living by teaching it. It’s a topic that can put stumbling blocks...

Is Your Church An Idol?

This site was meant to tackle the big issues in the most understanding, but truthful way possible. This is an attempt to illustrate another massive idol in believer’s lives; their church and their Pastors. This is an extremely sensitive subject because it is something a majority of Americans can visualize and may take part in. It’s something that many individuals will find a hard time letting go of and will do anything to protect. It is dangerous because it plays with spiritual worship and idolatry. False teachers & prophets swaying the masses in distractions and idol worship. Sometimes very ignorantly and innocently. And many times out of greed and deceit. Either way it occurs, it’s detrimental to their blindly trusting, following flock.

What To Do If Your Church or Pastor Is An Idol

If you read through the Scriptural evidence you’ll see that we are supposed to have pastors and elders. They are to be those that have overcome and are stronger in faith, so that there may be an example for those that are younger in faith. There are those that exemplify that and this article is not speaking against the role or position of a pastor, but of the idolization of one. When there is idolization of one’s pastor it allows that man to be in front of God in our lives. This leaves the door open for acceptance of false doctrine, stunt in growth of a believer, and consistent defeat by the enemy.

The Pagan History of Easter

Like Christmas, Easter has been celebrated long before the death and the resurrection of Christ. It was actually being celebrated at the time near Christ death. It like most other pagan traditions stem back to Babylon Mystery Religion. It has nothing to do with Christ. Though the Roman Catholic Church decided it did.
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