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Why Churches Do Not Teach Biblical Prophecy

In his first epistle to the Thessalonians, in Chapter 5 verse 20 the Apostle Paul tells us not to despise prophecies. Prophecies are guidance from God into the future. He tells us what to expect so that the times do not overtake us and we are prepared for them. He gives us our future history so that we are able to identify the times. His prophecy also shows us how powerful He is, by describing events thousands of years before they are to come.

The Danger of American’s African History

doesn’t take a deep argument for most people to agree that the black community in America has been oppressed since the foundations of this country were laid. As this nation grew and gathered it’s independence, it gained it’s strength with thanks in great part to the blood & sweat of free labor. This free labor of course being slavery. The oppression of a complete race for over 400 years with mass genocide and unspeakable cruelty. The oppressors enslaved people taking them

Should I Be Monitoring More of My Children’s Media?

The obvious answer to most parents would be of course, YES!! But the most apparent reason and understanding of why proves not to be as obvious. This current adolescent generation stemming from the new tools of technology, public education, and mass media, consisting of, but not limited to, television, radio, movies, advertisements, & social media, are completely plugged into ...

Your Real Adversary: The Devil

This subject is very important. It’s the main purpose of our adversary, the devil. The devil wants the world to worship him as god, and no longer live by Judeo-Christian standards (The 10 Commandments & Grace), but by Luciferin doctrine ...

What Do You Really Do?

We live in a current part of time where Jesus, His sacrifice, the Gospel in fact is taken for granted and disrespected consistently. Forgetting for a bit the unbelievers, but us, "the church", the body of believers sometimes even entertain it, but never speak out against it. We watch movies & television, listen to music, have social interactions with people who constantly blaspheme...
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