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Kings of Israel & Judah

Here is a list of the Kings of Israel before the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel & Babylonian captivity of Judah. It goes along...

Message to  the Lukewarm Church

The Lord is on His way. While we do not know the day nor hour of that day of the Lord, we do know what the times will look like. Anyone paying attention to Bible prophecy will tell you that those days look a lot like today’s time. It is fact, not opinion that many members of the church will be left behind. Many do not want to acknowledge or embrace this fact, but nevertheless it is a fact. Jesus has spoken directly to the church on this point.

The 2 Biggest Risks for Christians…Are They Yours?

The 2 biggest risk for Christians when the Lord comes back for His Bride is for them: Being lukewarm (Revelations 3:15) or Having the Lord say “I never knew you” (Matthew 7:21-23). This is a subject that many don't hear preached often from the pulpit, but it is something that all should be cognizant of because of the major risks & implications involved.

God’s Plan For Your Life or Your Plan?

Does Your Future Match What God Says or What You Say? Does your outlook of the future match with God’s Will? Does your view match what God has told us or does it match more with what the world generally hopes for? These things mainly being peace, prosperity, & success? It's a reasonable question to ask one’s self.

Top 3 Reasons Why Christians Are Ignoring End Time Prophecies

Why aren’t more Christians talking about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ? In a period of time that has so much visible evidence, an overwhelming majority of Christians do not discuss it at all. Many do not even tie current world events and figures to anything biblically prophetic. They don’t put it in their overall world perspective and future that the world will be very different when Jesus comes back again.

What It Means for Christians to Not Be of This World

In the Scriptural evidence of not being of this world, you’ll find many scriptures that discuss the topic of “not being of this world”. A lot of the scriptures came from Jesus directly, also the Apostle Paul & John spoke about it often as well. It’s quite clear that Christians, the church, the body of Christ, should not be of this world. But while this concept is easy & plain to see, it has been ignored by many believers. The lack of education and knowledge surrounding this concept has caused a lot of destruction for the body of Christ.

Beginning Strategies for Spiritual Warfare

In order to live in this deceitful and deceptive world, Christians must be able to interact with it, while not being overtaken by it. In order to minister to others, we need to be strong in the Spirit, but not out of touch with society. We need to be relatable, just not at the expense of our spiritual lives.

Is Sex Before Marriage an Outdated Principle for Christians?

The bible tells us clearly that we are not to have sex before marriage. It tells us not to be sexually immoral and live unclean. But over time this message has been replaced by “high thoughts”. The high thought is that this message is outdated, old, naïve, and impossible. Being that the rest of the world engages freely in sexual activity from their early teenage years, it should be something just understood.

Christians Should Not Judge…Right?

Judgement. This word is often misused and misunderstood. In today’s society it seems that whenever you have a position or view contrary to someone else about the way they live or how they act, it is called judgment. People have an expectation that if person has a negative opinion they must keep it to themselves. A negative opinion of a person’s actions today are classified as judgement. If you are a Christian that actually has a negative opinion about the actions taken today in whole by society then you are judging, and people believe the bible teaches us that Christians should not judge.

Christian Acceptance of Homosexuality

The acceptance of homosexuality is a high thought that has grown in size in influence over a very short period. Homosexuality has been embraced by the masses of today. Not that people just agree with it, but that people choose to ignore it and have no opinion about it at all. Churches believe that they are not to judge or have an opinion about it. Even though the Word of God explicitly speaks against it, Christians aren’t able to decipher.

Am I an Idolater?

It is plain to see based from the scriptures about idolatry, that idolatry is a major issue. There are countless scriptures that tell us to stay away from idolatry. More scriptures that show what happened to the children of Israel when they began eating things sacrificed to idols. When they held on to idols and the things of the accursed, they began to lose battles and they were cursed. Only until they did away with the idols were the curses lifted. Other scriptures show that idolaters and the like will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Is Your Church An Idol?

This site was meant to tackle the big issues in the most understanding, but truthful way possible. This is an attempt to illustrate another massive idol in believer’s lives; their church and their Pastors. This is an extremely sensitive subject because it is something a majority of Americans can visualize and may take part in. It’s something that many individuals will find a hard time letting go of and will do anything to protect. It is dangerous because it plays with spiritual worship and idolatry. False teachers & prophets swaying the masses in distractions and idol worship. Sometimes very ignorantly and innocently. And many times out of greed and deceit. Either way it occurs, it’s detrimental to their blindly trusting, following flock.
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