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Today unknowingly we have accepted Global governance.  This simply means that all the conspiracy theories that foretold about a One World Government is now not only a proven fact, but accepted by the majority. This article will give you 1000% proof quicker than any other evidence you may have heard before that we are now accepting a One World Government. It’s now not a world that consists of many different independent nations with their own rules and laws, but a world consisting of many different nations under one governing international body that supersedes all independent country’s laws. This governing body of course being the United Nations.

The masses have accepted this, maybe even you. The worst & scariest part is that they have no clue that they accepted this. Now we can go through many different factors that will show you that One World Government is not just some conspiracy that’s impossible, but the easiest thing to do is just breakdown one event that is currently marketed and accepted by the masses today.  This event being generally agreed & accepted on, but nevertheless the masses have no clue of the overall meaning.

This event is the Global Citizen’s Festival being held at Central Park, NY on September 26th, 2015 with performances by A-List artist such as Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, Pearl Jam, & Coldplay.  This will be the fourth concert since 2012.  What people believe without doing any homework is that because we all live in a world we are all global citizens. Because we all share this earth, we are all citizens of it. But that would mean that we were all global citizens from the beginning of time which has obviously not been the case.  The term “Global Citizen” has only been generally known by the public for a couple of decades at most.

The question that needs to be asked to see the proof is:

“What actually is a Global Citizen?”

The word global of course means: relating to the whole world; worldwide.

But the word “Citizen”.  What exactly is a citizen?  A person at first glance, would think of a citizen as being one who is simply an inhabitant of a city, state, or country.  More than just that, a citizen is a person who is an inhabitant of a city, state, or country who is entitled to the rights and protection of that city, state, or country.  Also held legally responsible to follow the laws and regulations of that city, state, or country.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a citizen as “a member of a state and a native or naturalized person who owes allegiance to a government and is entitled to protection from it”.

For example I’m a citizen of New York City because I am entitled to its rights they provide and bound by the laws of their jurisdiction. I am a citizen of the state of New York because once again there is a government with rights, laws, & legislation that I am bound to. The same thing goes for my citizenship with the United States. This is why illegal immigration in this country is such a big deal because illegal immigrants are not citizens of the government structure, which does not provide them with the same access to our rights and accountability to our laws.

We have never been global citizens because there has never been a government body recognized by the majority that the world is governed by that individuals can claim citizenship of.  For instance, not that this would ever happen but,  if we were to go out of space and speak to an alien, in the past we would have directed them back to our own country, not a body of world government because one never existed.  We have never recognized ourselves as global citizens because we have never recognized a World Government.  Now our lawmakers around the world do.  Our Presidents and their administrations may have.  But the public as a whole has not.

Over the past few years we have been celebrating with our biggest stars like Beyoncé the fact that we are now Global Citizens. They hold concerts and because many of us worship these stars, we simply say if they are for it, we are too. We have been under global governance for many decades, but we have not fully accepted that ideology yet. Many of us still believe in a world dominated and run by the U.S. when that simply is not the case.

All we need to do is understand that in order to be a citizen there needs to be a government that you’re a citizen of. The fact that we are celebrating being “Global Citizens” means that we now have a working global government. It’s a simple reality. Based from the festival:

We’re not

“Global People”

“Global Individuals”

We are “Global Citizens”

The global government that we are subjected to is the United Nations.  The goals that we are accepting in September are called the Sustainable Development Goals.  They are not understood by most people, yet they celebrate the overall headlines or statements like “Reduce “Extreme” Poverty” or “Empowering Women” because it sounds good.  People reacting and celebrating headlines without having substance and details of information is very dangerous.

You are a Global Citizen and by the way the masses are currently accepting these concerts and themes, the majority are very happy for this and invites it.  We won’t discuss if it is a good or bad thing, but just that you understand that THERE IS A WORLD GOVERNMENT that we are now citizens of.  Those conspiracy theory’s about One World Government have been right. Once you’ve understood that, it’s important to recognize what the next part of those conspiracies you may have written off, has been telling you about what’s next.


What’s your take?



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  1. One world government was always a conspiracy, the Satanic elite have been working on it probably since the deception. Was Babylon the first one world government? And did not Solomon day there is nothing new under the sun?

  2. 5g, the real ID etc. They seem to go hand and hand with a one world government. Most people aren’t questioning the real ID because it says it’ll be enforced by Oct. 1st 2020 that without it one can’t fly or enter any federal buildings, but all you’ll need is a passport and you can still do those things without having your face scanned into the federal system. With 5g/ the internet of things a one world government will have a global power like China’s government has on them now with the social credit system. They’ll always have eyes & ears on you through the smart devices. Smart cars, AI androids, phones, cameras all talking to each other and to them etc all things that can be hacked and controlled. They want everything connected to the internet even our brains, they’ve already begun chipping people at certain jobs just so you can scan your hand instead of a card to open a door or because you can use your hand like a debit card chip to buy stuff, it can even keep your whole medical n private info and it can all be controlled by whomever is in control of the 5g network the world will be connected to.

  3. Hey I am confused and bothered about something that am hoping and praying for guidance. I work for a company that gets contracts from organizations like UN programs and we all know their agenda and their support for abortion in the world ☹ I personally hate it and even what the Bible talks about it. But now the job is my source of income am confused should I leave the job or what advice please I will be grateful. Be blessed ?

    • Im a really stubborn person, but you cracked my shell…even made me dust of my bible.”The Matrix” and all the other stuff – so true, that it withhold me from reading the most amazing book ever.
      looking at something so simple:
      -using cigarettes,drugs, sleeping around(possibility of aids) all holds a risk but yet we still want to take that path while knowing its a sin and the end results of that action.
      -GOD TELL US SO MANY TIMES (confidently) that He is going to defeat Satan but yet some of us worship him(magic ext.)

      I am still new and young in this but im grate-full for guiding me in the right direction. Im from South-Africa, Cape Town and i’m super cautious and paranoid…if anything is unclear to me I go back to the Bible which happened to replace my electronic devices and go wherever I go.


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