Oprah Promoting New Age

In the article that explained the New Age, it was explained that New Age thinking & philosophy comes wrapped up in a package of self-help, self-esteem, and self-reliance. This package often presented and sold by figures that many people of the general public aspire to be like or achieve the same successes. Through all of this a major idea, thought, and belief is generated in one’s life. Through our media, education system, entertainment and other influences other than the Holy Bible, these ideas, thoughts, and beliefs become a new doctrine of our lives. We never realized that we may have replaced some core traditional value that we should have held on to. But who is it that promotes new age religion?

In the article on Selling Your Soul is Not a Cliché, it was explained that people sell their souls for fame & fortune. Now wouldn’t promoting the religion of the devil be one of the main jobs that devil would ask of someone. He is giving fame & fortune to promote his religion to the masses. They all do it in many different ways, but if you understand the difference between sound Christian doctrine and New Age thinking you can determine who are the one’s that you should stay away from. Unfortunately the list becomes very large and overwhelming due to the time period we are in.

Our favorite stars that many of us idolize all promote these thoughts. They will often refer to some of the New Age Buzzwords given in the last article. Because we idolize them and follow them, they walk us into their way of thinking, so that we can be more like them.

On an interview with Tavis Smiley, Will Smith tells Tavis that he’s an Alchemist. He explained briefly on his belief that he can change things through his power. He then says one of his favorite books is “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. Tavis immediately states I know the sales of The Alchemist are about to skyrocket. They both laugh. Tavis says this because he understands the magnitude of Will Smith’s influence. People will go and read that book just because he referred it. People trust him and he’s so successful. They know nothing about Alchemy and read a book about witchcraft, some going so far as becoming Alchemist themselves, either way the thought was planted. He told everyone he was a witch and how they can learn to be one themselves. This is influence.

This is what these successful elite moguls task is in order for them to obtain their riches. The more money they have the more influence they have. Like Oprah Winfrey, one of the richest, influential woman in the world. Do you think she just really became this successful without pushing the theme the world was promoting? Her entire career was a display of reaching higher levels of consciousness. Becoming a more spiritual person. She boasts that it is her most favorite subject.

She now has a network geared toward spreading New Age Religion but presenting it through leaders in our society that we trust. She has a nationwide tour preaching about “The Life You Want”. Through this she presents New Age authors and spiritual teachers that present the New Age religion to them. The audience never knowing what they underlying theme is. They just go believing that they can learn from Oprah Winfrey to get what she has. All the while people all over America are accepting a new religion.

All of the false teachers that are presented on this site promote New Age religion. A lot of them doing it through the blanket of Christianity like the Roman Empire did millenniums back. It is important that you understand the difference and expose them to anyone under their bondage.

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  1. Can you please teach and or elaborate on so many people following these so called Prophets / Penticostals / and why do they all seem to come from the florida area ? and why do they all promote speaking in toungs ? i would love some info on them and when i speak to these people they cant for the life of me realize they are following a false teacher .


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